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Health Services

Meet Your School Nurse

Each day, they distribute several types of medications. Students who once attended school at specialized facilities now attend schools in their own community with their neighbors and friends. - kids who weren't in schools 25 or 30 years ago.

The state mandates that school nurses see every student and do annual vision and hearing screenings as well as height and weight measurements. They monitor all immunization records and act as a liaison between students and their families and the family physician.

They deal with safety issues, and are an integral part of the overall staff. The technology and availability of information has helped the nurses of today to expand their practices and accomplish things in schools previously only done in hospitals or lab settings.

Visit your school nurse as she is in your child's building daily attending to student and staff needs. We welcome you, the parents of our students, members of our community.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary

Wentworth Intermediate School
Lucinda (Cindy) Carruthers, RN 

Wentworth Junior High School
Nikee Ford, RN



Current School Immunization Summaries:

Woodrow Wilson

Wentworth Intermediate

Wentworth Jr. High