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eLearning/Remote Learning

Below you will find the D155 eLearning/Remote Learning Plan.

2021-22 Grades PreK-2nd Teacher Contact Information

EC Brenda O'Connor
EC Colleen Kolasa
EC Jessica Reyna
Kindergarten Terri Fielding
Kindergarten Julie Kennedy Schuljak
Kindergarten Clare Magalski
Kindergarten Sharon Worrell-Schroader
K-2 Cross Cat. Rhonda Ryba
1st Grade Tracy Fox
1st Grade Tracey Jurka
1st Grade Danetta Manning
1st Grade Jeannine Pazanin
1st Grade Sharron Sanders
2nd Grade Tyesha Carter
2nd Grade Sharon Davis
2nd Grade Erika Shaver Dennis
2nd Grade Elina Sanchez
2nd Grade Lisa Stuart
Music Amaranta Flores-Gualtieri  
PE Corey Kelly
ESL Angel Caballero
Resource Amatullah Robinson
Reading Specialists Nancy Ernst
Reading Specialists Janet Essery
Speech/Lang. Tenika Davis



2021-22 Grades 3 - 5 Teacher Contact Information


3rd Grade Jennifer Caine
3rd Grade Mandy Graziano
3rd Grade Georgia Lolis
3rd Grade Brandi Tanner
3rd Grade Lynn Kooistra
4th Grade Nakiliah Keith
4th Grade Jane Librizzi
4th Grade Daniel Perso
4th Grade Marciel Blaisdell
4th Grade Rebecca Coulson
5th Grade Lisa Kleczkowski
5th Grade Lauren Krause
5th Grade Deborah Clark
5th Grade Danielle Doll
5th Grade Gail Batinick
3-4 Cross Cat. Laura Bello
4-5 Cross Cat. David Neely
Reading Spc. Dana Berton
Social Worker Kristine Cochrane
Speech Becky Schwarzentraub
PE Edwin Rodriguez
Music Brandy Weiss


2021-22 Grades 6-8 Teacher Contact Information

6th Grade ELA Kathryn Kosner
6th Grade ELA Kaitlyn Thompson
6th Grade Math April Doorneweerd
6th Grade Math Ronald Pierre-Pierre
6th Grade Sci Eileen Sheedy
6th Grade SS Matthew Dorgan
6th Grade Resource Ashleigh Pieniazek
6th Grade S.C. Natasha Walker-Robinson
6th Grade Rdg Spec. Kimberly McGhee
7th Grade ELA Faith Ramirez
7th Grade ELA Christopher Pfeifer
7th Grade Math Sharon Lazowski
7th Grade Math Dorothy Rock
7th Grade Sci Terri Fortney
7th Grade SS Kirby Green
7th Grade Resource Ashleigh Pieniazek
7th Grade Resource Patricia Blewitt
7th Grade S.C. Lisa Patlaba
7th Grade Rdg Spec. Kimberly McGhee
8th Grade ELA Hannah Meibers
8th Grade ELA Margaret Novak
8th Grade Math Annette Kebr
8th Grade Math Amy Rosenhagen
8th Grade Sci Erin Kading Davis
8th Grade SS Julie Stephan
8th Grade Resource Patricia Blewitt
8th Grade S.C. Amber Jackson
8th Grade Rdg Spec. Kimberly McGhee
Encore Music Leisl Brown
Encore Health Thomas Hansen
Encore PE Chris Nicholson
Encore PE Raina Lawler
Encore STEM TBD  
Encore Comp. Mark Broadnax
Encore ESL TBD  
Encore A.C. Kathy Wetzig
Encore Media Spec. Stephen Ligda





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Printable/Digital Student Activity Log (K-2)

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