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Student Services

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On behalf of the Student­­ Services Administrative Team and myself, I want to welcome you to Calumet City School District 155 and the supports that we are able to offer our students with special needs. Calumet City School District 155 has a long-standing philosophy and practice of including students with diverse learning abilities within the school community. For some students, inclusion in general education classes is appropriate, while others may have different opportunities to interact with their peers throughout the school day. At each level, students with special needs are a part of the school community and are valuable members of their class. We continually strive to support inclusive practices while customizing the learning experience for each of our students by implementing the following values:

  1. Treating staff and students with dignity and respect
  2. Creating classrooms that promote active student engagement
  3. Supporting data driven decisions utilizing common, formative and summative assessments
  4. Offering meaningful and sustainable professional learning opportunities
  5. Preparing students to meet secondary goals
  6. Promoting CHAMPS

In addition to our inclusive practices, District 155 also supports our students by offering a variety of services that are tailored to meet their unique learning challenges. Whether a challenge in the area of motor functioning, communication, emotional regulation, or assistive technology, we have an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated staff to support student needs. 

We hope that you find the information we have available online to be both helpful and informative. We realize that navigating the student services system can often be challenging and confusing. Nevertheless, it is our intent to give you the resources that you need to feel comfortable as you partner with us for your child’s success. Remember Calumet City School District 155 is a place “Where Learning Never Ends”.

The responsibilities of the Student Services department include but are not limited to:

  • Special Education Programming
  • Section 504 Eligibility and Compliance
  • Nursing Services
  • Homebound Instructional Services
  • Homeless Student Services
  • Social Emotional Learning

Lastly, Calumet City School District 155 maintains membership in the ECHO Cooperative which assists us in fulfilling obligations to the district’s students with disabilities by providing a continuum of special education services. If necessary, students may also be placed in nonpublic special education programs or alternative special education facilities. For further information please contact Dr. Joyce L. Nelson, Director of Student Services.

Early Childhood
Case Manager - Special Education
Health Services
English as a Second Language
McKinney-Vento Homelessness


Additional Resources

Parent Safeguards

Parent Safeguards (Spanish)

Notification Regarding Related Service Logs

Notification Regarding Related Service Logs (Spanish)

Interpretation Service Notice for IEP Meetings

Interpretation Service Notice for IEP Meetings (Spanish)

Dr. Joyce L. Nelson
Director of Student Services

Samantha Rubalcava
Case Manager

Kathy Martin
Case Manager

Jessica Orr
ESL Coordinator

Lucinda (Cindy) Carruthers

James Duggan
Social Worker

Keisha Taylor
School Psychologist

LoDonna Fleming
Administrative Assistant


Contact Information

  • Phone (708) 868-7089
  • Fax      (708) 891-3915

------- Student Services 23-24 Newsletters -------

Dr Joyce L Nelson

Director of Student Services

Dr. Joyce L. Nelson brings 18 years of school administrative experience to her new duties at Calumet City SD 155. She has a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Loyola University Chicago, a master degree in Administration and Supervision from the University of Indianapolis and  a bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy from Loma Linda University. 

Dr. Nelson is an active Licensed Registered Occupational Therapist who has served youth with mild to severe profound disabilities in school settings as a related service provider. Her engagement with IEP’s, 504’s, transitional planning, and family engagement matches her experience . She has also served as Principal most recently for the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice SD 428 ( Maya Angelou Alternative High School ), Principal at Country Club Hills SD 160, and Principal and Assistant Principal at Chicago Public Schools SD 299. While at IDJJ SD 428, Dr. Nelson worked with the State of Illinois Court Monitor in addressing a consent decree targeting curriculum implementation and special education services.  

Under Dr. Nelson’s leadership, Maya Angelou Alternative High School in SD 428 achieved one of the highest graduation rates in one school year during her tenure, and implementing blended learning strategies to compliment curriculum used enhanced overall learning opportunities including those with special needs that became the norm. Dr. Nelson shared she is looking forward to embracing a fresh beginning with boundless possibilities while serving the students in Calumet City SD 155 in an educational environment where “Learning Never Ends”.